3 Books to read to perfect your affiliate marketing strategy

When you are working as an affiliate marketer you might find yourself stuck in a rut. It takes a lot of work to turn a sustainable profit in the affiliate marketing field.
In order to make money you are going to need start working smarter and not harder. There are ways to fine tune your marketing strategy to make more money, that way you can limit how much trial and error you have to conduct on your own.
There are hundreds of books on the subject of affiliate marketing. I have sifted through the mountain of books – some good and some not so good – and found the best three that will help you with your affiliate marketing strategies:
1.   Affiliate Marketing Splash
This book’s subtitle is: How to Build Affiliate Sites that Rank (and bank). When you are working as an affiliate marketer one of the trickiest parts is creating a site that will rank on search engines, and thusly will make you some bank. This book is not some millionaire rambling on about his success and offering empty advice like “rise and grind” and “work 110%”. This is a book of solid advice that leaves all the cheesy, vague, one-liners out. This book gives some seriously honest advice, even going as far as encouraging readers to use less than white hat strategies to rank.
Author Zen Duck Dave has worked in the business for 5 years and most certainly knows exactly what he’s talking about. If you want straight-forward, easy to read, no bullshit advice on how to rake in some cash then pick up this book (or better yet get it on Amazon).
2.  500 Social Media Marketing Tips
Now this book is not directly on the topic of affiliate marketing, however it definitely applies to your business model. This book helps you use social media platforms – such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest – to benefit your marketing efforts to the fullest extent. You cannot succeed in affiliate marketing by just trying to rank and bank, you need to use a multitude of different strategies and different avenues to reach your consumer.

Another way this book is helpful is that it is constantly updated (the last update was in April 2017, which is pretty gosh darn recent) and on top of that it includes video tutorials for all you visual learners out there.
This book comes highly recommended and you can get the Kindle version free on Amazon. You don’t have to spend money to make money in this case.
3.  How to Win at SEO
While this book features a millionaire tooting his own horn, the advice he gives is valuable. Written by Founder of SEHabitat, Ian Mason, this book will teach you how to master SEO. Because let’s face it, Google is a little evil at times. You may be ranked one day, but after an update you drop off. Mason gives you straightforward advice on how to master Google and get your sites to climb in rankings. This guy knows what he’s talking about as he has been in the game for 10 years. Unlike some of these so-called gurus that keep pumping out books though they have no experience, you can actually trust Ian Mason’s advice.

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